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Thank you everyone for the support you have given Bob over the years.


It is with great sadness that we heard on Monday 16th November 2020 that Bob Johns passed away during the night following a brief illness.


Bob's private funeral

was held at Week St. Mary parish Church on Friday 27th November.

Robert 'Bob' Johns MBE


Or just “BOB” to all of us who knew him. Where to start - I suppose by saying they broke the mould when Bob was born.

He moved to Appledene on the outskirts of the Village in his early teens, becoming an extended member of the Cobbledick and subsequently my family well over 50 years ago. He shared a love of football with my late husband Roy and they were both passionate Manchester United supporters, travelling many times to watch them play at Old Trafford staying in a flat belonging to Bob’s Auntie. My first venture to the ground with them was to watch Liverpool when I was just 17.

The escapades they got up to on these travels could fill a book and bring many a smile. The friendship between Bob & Roy gave no choice as to who would be best man at each others wedding. When Bob & Peggy married Roy the “shy” public speaker had to smoke a cigar to get him through his speech but don’t worry that would never be a problem for Bob at our wedding, as any who know him will wonder how long his speech went on and on. . . . . . .

When Bob & Peggy had two sons Robert and Kevin you would think everything was fine until Robert developed Leukaemia which led to a long 5 years of trying to find a cure, travelling between Plymouth and The Royal Marsden. Sadly, young Robert lost his fight at the age of 11 just over 37 years ago.

Bob felt it his quest in life to raise the profile of fighting cancers and leukaemia and wanted to raise money….. This is how “The Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund was formed and over the last 37 years the incredible sum of £250,088.77 has been raised and shared between the two hospitals. The fund raising has taken so many forms by so many people just too numerous to mention. To me the one that sticks out in my mind was them walking the 90 miles from Polson, Launceston to Lands End. I drove the support car in front of them for 3 and half days Roy did his 90 miles but Bob walked about 120 as every time I looked in my mirror he had gone across to “talk” to someone in a garden.

In recognition of his charitable efforts Bob was awarded the MBE by HRH Prince Charles in 2002, wearing his Cornish Tartan at Buckingham Palace which was easily recognisable by Prince Charles as the Duke of Cornwall.

Over the last 20 plus years Bob has seen Kevin marry Debbie, build their business and have 4 wonderful daughters, living beside them in his annex. He has always been there with them and taken great pride watching the granddaughters develop their love of horses and the outdoors. He was never happier than if he had to run an errand for Kevin or pick up something that was needed. Sadly a few short 6 weeks ago Bob became unwell and went to hospital only to find that he had Cancer. Who would have known that he had such a short time left and under such difficult times of Covid that Kevin and Debbie were unable to visit him.

Bob was the sort of person that if you wanted something he would try to help, With me, I hope some of you will keep Kevin, Debbie, Alisha, Miya, Lila and Keira in your thoughts through the difficult time of holding a funeral with so few able to attend as I’m sure under normal times there would be long queues trying to get into the village to say goodbye to him.

THANK YOU, BOB for all the times we have shared and the many laughs.

Linda Cobbledick


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